Practising at home

Practising Yoga at home should be different to practising in a class situation with others. At home, your practice must completely respect your uniqueness: your age, occupation, cultural heritage, beliefs and health. It must have a purpose that makes sense and empower the practitioner to take control of his/her health and happiness.

This can be achieved through a well designed personalised home practice that should not take up too much time, should be simple and accessible. It should be adapted to the individual, done daily (more or less), and change as the practitioner develops and matures. A teacher is indispensable in helping the practitioner progress on this journey of self-discovery, autonomy and transformation.

Sample home practice incorporating posture work, breathing exercises and a meditation technique

It’s important that the student and the teacher develop a friendly and productive relationship as this provides a supportive framework within which to practise and study yoga. To this end, I would suggest that anyone interested in developing an individualised yoga practice, independent from the yoga class or studio contacts, me to arrange an informal and relaxed chat about yoga and how it can be designed to support the person looking to practise at home. I will explain what I can offer and what I can’t, and you, as prospective student, can tell me how I can help you, what areas of yoga interest you most, etc. After a period of reflection, we can decide if I am the right teacher for you, whether yoga is the right path for you, etc.

​Fees are upon request and take account of the student’s circumstances.

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