Thanks for all your classes – as time goes on I really do feel the benefits and only wish I discovered it years ago but better late than never!

The fact [Michael is] teaching in a tradition is great. Already, I feel a part of something and that [Michael is] imparting knowledge and wisdom from a tradition with a firm grounding. This adds another dimension to [his] class structure … and establishes a sense of connection. The holistic and gentle approach of [Michael’s] teaching style manages to give a personalised experience to the student even in a group setting

I love my yoga classes and my home practices

Michael really places an emphasis on viewing yoga as a whole and looking at how it relates to everyday life, not just twisting into strange shapes!

Yoga is a journey for both the mind and body. I have been practising yoga for over 10 years and have been a student of Michael’s for the last several years. He has really contributed to my deeper understanding of how yoga can make a practical contribution to mental and physical balance. He continues to provide interesting insights in his weekly yoga classes. There is a strong sense of individual progression in the series of classes. I have also taken both individual classes with Michael as well as his meditation class & have benefited greatly from them.

I came [to Michael’s classes] for a way to restore a more whole and calm outlook on my person and life after having been very stressed in the work place for a long period of time and happily I found [Michael’s] classes did just that for me.

I find Michael’s teaching style to be very encouraging and nurturing and the practice itself to be deeply relaxing.

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