On not taking yoga too seriously

Photo by Peter Forster on Unsplash

The following reflections on the lighter side of yoga appeared on my Facebook page during 2017

What is the Secret of Yoga?

A man travels thousands of kilometres to find a world renown yoga guru, who lives in a cave on top of a high mountain in India, in order to find out the Secret of Yoga. Having overcome many obstacles and delays on his journey, he finally arrives at the mountain and finds the yogi sitting cross-legged outside his cave.

“O wise guru, please tell me the Secret of Yoga” petitioned the man.

“Ah, yes! I know the answer to that question,” replied the guru.

“It is a purple yoga mat; that is the Secret of Yoga. You know, the ones you can buy for £29.99 at the sports shop; cheaper if you get them in the sales. But it has to be a purple yoga mat.”

“A purple yoga mat? I trekked all this way to find out the Secret of Yoga and you tell me it’s a purple yoga mat!” exclaims the man with much frustration.

The guru smiles. “So maybe it’s not a purple yoga mat.”

[Posted 12 March 2017]

The story of two wolves

Every moment of our lives, from one second to the next, Life continually offers us difficult choices.

One evening an old yogi was telling his granddaughter about the battle that rages inside people over these choices.

He said:

“Child, the battle is like that between two wolves who meet in a forest clearing. Only the wolves are in our hearts and our minds. Both seek happiness.

One is Ignorance, and while he has some good times, he also suffers from a compulsive need to act, anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, self-pity, shame, guilt, resentment, false pride, and arrogance.

The other is Serenity, and while she has some bad times, mostly she experiences tranquility, fulfillment, joy, peace, love, trust, kindness, benevolence, truth, and compassion”

The granddaughter thought about this for a moment and then asked her grandfather:

“Grandad, in the end, which wolf wins the battle?”

And he replied:

“The one you feed”

And they both started laughing.

[Posted 5 July 2017]

Yoga joke

There’s a sure fire way to live to a ripe old age – do headstand on a beach for a hundred years.

[Posted 24 July 2017]

Three yogis

Three yogis are meditating silently in a remote mountain cave.

One day they hear a sound outside the cave and six months later the first yogi asks:

“Did you hear that goat?”

The silent meditation continues for another six months before the second yogi replies:

“That wasn’t a goat; it was a sheep!”

The silent meditation continues for another six months before the third yogi retorts:

“If you two don’t stop arguing, I’m leaving!”

[Posted 23 November 2017]

Yoga Sandwich Bar

To supplement her earnings as a yoga teacher, a friend of mine is thinking of opening a Yoga Sandwich Bar with the strap line: “I can make you one with everything”

[Posted 6 December 2017]

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